Acapulco has long been the playground of Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. The Mexican Riviera hotspot is also one of Mexico’s most important active tourism centers.  Here’s our list of the top three things to do that will keep you fit, trim, and active while soaking up the sun in the Pearl of the Pacific. 

Surfing on Playa Revolcadero and Bonfil

Ride the waves! Acapulco’s surf scene accommodates all skill levels from beginners to experts, to boogie boarders, with consistent waves throughout the year.  Close to town is Revolcadero Beach, just off Punta Diamante, with swells coming towards the northeast, and beach breaking waves running in both left and right directions. For more surfing action, head to Playa Bonfil, just beyond the airport.  Bring your own board, or look for rentals along the beach.

Diving and Snorkeling –Roqueta and Yerbabuena Islands

Explore all the marvels inside the tropical waters off the coast of Acapulco with diving and snorkeling tours that take you to the shores and coves of the rainforest covered Isla Roqueta, or the tiny nearby Isla Yerbabuena with its rocky promontories. You’ll be dazzled by multi-colored fish, turtles and other magical sea creatures.  Many tours take a lunch break at the breezy fresh seafood palapa restaurants on the islands.

Aca En Bici – Bicycle Friendly Acapulco

Explore Acapulco at your own pace in the sustainable, environmentally friendly way on bicycle.  From the Old Town to the beaches, stop wherever your curiosity takes you. You’ll find the main bike station in this newly developed system at the Crowne Plaza Acapulco. More information about routes, maps, pricing and downloadable apps at

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