The Project Connects Two of the Destination’s Main Tourist Areas

Acapulco, Mexico’s original beach destination, is making its come back as one of the country’s most important tourist spots. With a private and Federal investment of over USD $200 million, Acapulco’s macro-tunnel connects its more important touristic areas, the Golden and Diamond zones, allowing tourists and locals to commute in just three minutes from one to the other, compared to one hour through the Avenida Escénica. The two-mile-long tunnel is the longest of its kind in Mexico and meets international standards, comparing to those in Europe and the US.

The three-line tunnel includes 72 security cameras, fire protection system, 14 fans to control temperature and gas concentrations, a sound system to broadcast messages, emergency stations, LED lighting system, cellphone signal system and it can resist a magnitude eight earthquake on the Richter scale. The transit cost is 30 pesos (USD $1.60) for residents and 55 pesos (USD $3) for international tourists.

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