Acapulco, the charming city located in the state of Guerrero, has given life to the Mexican Coast and the rest of the country. Known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, its beaches and turquoise sea are perfect for any vacationer looking to rest, relax and have fun in the sun. Overnight, Acapulco transforms itself providing full excitement and joy for those seeking to have the time of their lives. 

For the gay community the possibilities are infinite, including gay friendly accommodation, beaches, and night clubs to make your stay unforgettable.

Gay tourists and locals congregate at Playa Condesa beach, which has become a daily meeting point for all gay travelers looking to enjoy of the radiant sun and a gorgeous beach. Playa Condesa offers a variety of restaurants where beachgoers can enjoy of refreshing drinks and delicious cuisine. The most popular restaurants are Betos, La Guera and La Maraya. Condesa beach is recognized for having a diverse crowd of sunbathers from all over the world, becoming a common place for locals to frequent due to its soft waves and rocky surroundings are ideal for those interested in skinny-dipping or perhaps enjoying a romantic afternoon while seeing the sunset. 

Hotel Casa Condesa, the most famous hotel is located strategically close by to the most important touristic attractions in Acapulco and Playa Condesa. With 10 colorful guestrooms, the B&b is catalogued as the best gay-friendly option when choosing accommodation, offering endless relaxation, fun, and comfort.

Gay tourists can dance the night away in one of Acapulco’s nightclubs or spend a relaxing evening with friends in one of the many bars. The nightlife in Acapulco will never be of disappointment. An eclectic selection of gay-friendly nightclubs take the  streets with whimsical music until the sun comes up. Club Demas, Coco Mambo, Loca and Picante Papitos are among the different options available to gay community. 

Visiting Acapulco gives you the perfect excuse to venture out all day, offering a perfect complement of fun, adventurous or relaxing daytime activities, followed by all-night excitement filled with dance and entertainment making your trip memorable!


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